The Funny Barn, Spirit Lake, Iowa, August 11 thru August 12, 2006


With a renewal of tradition, I am again in Spirit Lake with my dear friend, Tom Foss.  Here's Tom onstage, proving himself again an audience favorite.


More Tom onstage, and then a picture of Donnie Tryon, one of the owners, warming up a crowd, and finally a fine photo of Donnie's mug.


One event of the weekend is when a nice man named Paul drops off some barbeque, which Tom and I attack.  Here are the before and after pictures.  May not look like we do much, but trust me, we are both in plenty of pain by the feast's end.


Kind Paul and what's left of the beans.


Here's a face from the past. (Spirit Lake 2003)


Tom and I have had many adventures in Spirit Lake: camping, a lot of golf, even midget wrestling.  This year, we crash a softball tournament, joining the team of the club owners (the Tryon brothers).  This picture shows us sad because we got benched.


But we are the coolest kids at the park.  We have Pumas!


Donnie pitches.


Danny Tryon sends another one away.


The umpire is wearing flip-flops!!!


Tom gets a piece of one.


And I am to be reminded of one reason why I'm usually the one taking the pictures.


Tom's on the fence.


I catch King Fitness, Danny with some contraband.


Tom and I celebrate with the tournament trophy our team won!