Donnie, devastated that he missed golf with us yesterday, comes out to play with Tom and I today.


Last night I got a giant goopy sticky bug out of a toy dispenser at the Wal-Mart entryway.  This is about 3 inches across.  I splat it onto the front of my golf cart.


One of my balls.  I only lose 8 in the water today.


I love my life.


Donnie's back.


Now you see it.  Soon you won't.


The suggestion box.  I talk to the course manager later today, and he tells me if anyone does wade across, he will find that there is no slot in the box, and the door does not open.


This is what Donnie calls the "Marge Simpson tree."


Now you see it.  Soon you still will.


My goopy bug after 9 holes of golf.


Today's golfers.


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