Plenty of time left before the show.  I play a couple games of chess against Mark.


Here's the lovely Darwin, who owns the restaurant chunk of the operation.


A little more low-energy than the wrestling, we have Larry Myer playing for us tonight.  Incredible musician.


Some romance on Hill St.


Here's Lorin, who works at the bar.


After the show, Dave Tryon has a party at his place, which features a tiki bar in a 3-car garage.


And his lovely old mutt.


After two hands of poker, I head back to the club again to say goodnight.  Here's Andrea in Donnie's hat.


I draw a tattoo on Donnie.  Donnie, I see you're pushing with your right hand to make your bicep look bigger.  You know, your brother owns a gym.


Three heartbreaks tonight: 1) Smarty Jones loses the race.  2) Just when I get Tom and all 3 brothers to agree to ride the tilt-a-whirl with me, they close it down.  3) My weekend in Spirit Lake is over!  

But I do finally beat Donnie in chess.



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