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After golf, Tom and I head back to town to get a sandwich at the restaurant housing the Funny Barn.


We throw darts at balloons and win me a prize!


Here's Dan, the third of the brothers who own the club, with his little girl, Katie.


I beat Dan arm-wrestling.


The marquee for our weekend.  My first name was spelled wrong, so last night, Tom and I carried a picnic table over to the sign, I climbed up on Tom's shoulders, and we removed those disturbing false letters.  One of them was a "K."


Nervous, Tom?


The street in front of the club facing away from the carnival.


Back to the motel to change.  Each room in our motel has a fly swatter.


And then I head back to watch the Belmont and see my Pennsylvania neighbor, Smarty Jones, win the Triple Crown.  He doesn't!!!  But it's a landmark occurrence, anyway.  It's the first time all the TVs in this bar were tuned to the same channel.  Even during the Super Bowl, someone said, they had Happy Days on.



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