My best friend and the headliner for the weekend, Tom Foss, and I both arrive in town a day early.  We go camping!!!


I use much larger image file sizes than usual on this page, so please be patient as they load.  Some of these lake photos are so beautiful, I just don't have the heart to crop them or shrink them too much.


The view from "slip 12" -- our camping spot.


Man makes fire.


Sun-lit silhouette.


We have this little rickety dock down from our spot.


The sun begins to go down.  The spot in the middle is a fishing boat.  Those kind fellows made so many of my photos extra pretty.


And down.


Tom gets some great shots of the sunset, too.


The sunset shot from our little dock.


Folks and a Golden Retriever out on a neighboring dock.


Woman makes dinner.  Pizza sandwiches in a pie iron just like when I was a kid.  Although I, personally have never made them before.  I tell Tom, "the first one, I'm going to ruin."  Which I do.  The second, third, and fourth are outstanding, however.  Next is s'mores.


Post-sunset.  Now's time for fire-side guitar picking, s'mores, then ghost stories ("The Slip 12 Sea Monster") down on the dock.  All well and good until the carp jumps out of the water and scares the s'mores out of us both!


Tom sleeps Graceland style.


Suddenly, the world brightens up.  Here's the culprit.


My morning view.


Tom calling in to participate in local radio morning shows.


I have one last sit on the little dock.


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