...now into New Mexico...


Day 2 begins in New Mexico, where we awake from our adobe Super 8.


We drive by an adobe Bank of America.


And stop for brunch at an adobe cafe/art gallery.


Climbing around a high road, we spot some water in the desert (and I get cement-like red clay all over the undercarriage of my new car!).


Snow in the desert.


A casino!  We've already been to 2 on this trip (I've taught Danny how to play and love roulette), and have established that we will stop at every casino we pass.




Danny catches a tumbleweed.  This one is slightly smaller than the one I just killed with my car, but one of the bigger ones we've seen so far.


I race a tumbleweed on the interstate.


We stop at a gas station which happens to be a historic adobe house.


UFOs?  In New Mexico?  Really??


I thought it would be great to see the Aztec Ruins (not really Aztec, but called that) in the sunset, but as we arrive at 5:00, we find the place closes at 5.


New Mexico small town ready for Christmas.  This is right before we take a wrong turn on the Devil's Highway ... our only wrong turn and time of confusion on the trip ... and in case you don't know, the Devil's Highway is US Route 666 ... which we find is un-marked, and my map shows a different route number, but this is what it is ... SPOOKY!!!.


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