6. Valentine's Day


Some words on Ron Morey: He's my new favorite comedian.  His show is a brilliant mix of intelligence and outright silliness.  Reminds me a bit of Steve Martin.  Is just the kind of show I'd love to have for myself.  One of his specialties ... one of the things to add flavor to his rich show ... is his use of characters.  Tonight he plans to make two additional appearances on the show, fully in costume as different characters.  We have a great time at the local Goodwill store preparing.


Here's Ron backstage as "aging British rock star," Cyrano Farley.  He goes onstage before the show starts to play a short romantic song for the crowd.


Cyrano Farley onstage.


Cyrano Farley onstage.


Another character Ron does is Ed Peachman, who arrives onstage for a guest spot after the MC's set.  I join him for part of this as Mrs. Peachman, and I sing him a love song I wrote.  Sadly, none of the photos turned out very well, but thanks for trying, Andy.


Here I am post-show, wearing my new rock star vest, getting one last photo with Andy.


The beautiful showroom.




Ron and I back at the condo.  We listen to some blues, he packs for an early flight, and I talk him into going out to a local blues bar.


Ron is a rockstar.


I find a place on the internet that's just around the corner: the Midway Tavern.  Martha (pictured on the T-shirt), bought this joint in 1924 with her husband, and she's been serving drinks here ever since.  The man wearing the shirt is Pat, who brings Ron and I a couple shots on the house to welcome us to the Midway Tavern.  That's my shot in both photos.  A yummy chocolate and Bailey's and something else.




One of the guys sneaks us back into the showroom, where many, many, many blues musicians have played.  Pinetop Perkins' name is on tongues tonight, as he just won a lifetime achievement Grammy last night.  He played here last October.


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