5. Friday night


Friday nighttime view.


For the weekend, John Heffron is in to headline, which leaves me to host, and the headliner, Ron Morey, to middle tonight.  The cast and crew, from left: John, Ron, Josh Sneed (touring comic, stopped by to visit), me, Janet (booker and manager), and Cassy (manager).


We're all the the greenroom, which is also the office.  Here's Sherri on the phone, trying to take reservations, and complaining to us noisy comics: "I can't hear my person!"


Josh's fancy phone is also just about a pocket PC.  He's showing Ron something dirty on the internet.


Another Ron, another comedian.


The great Andy Woodhull stops by for a visit!


Ron, me, Andy.


Josh, Janet.


David, who works at the club.




Brothers, Jason and Jeremy, who work at the club.


Post-show, a bunch of us walk over to the dueling pianos bar, also at the 100 Center.  Here's Ron and Janet cuddling.


Group cuddle: Josh, me, some guy whom I do not know, Janet, and Ron.


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