Saturday night.


This is El Fredo's Pizza, home of Pepperoni's Comedy Club, and some of the best pizza you'll ever consume.


I had to get a picture of this -- this antique is what Jeff Bergs, the headliner I've worked with all week -- uses to tape his shows.


After the show, Saturday, John, one of the owners, shares with us some of his homemade mead (wine made from honey -- what Beowulf drank).  John is on the left, Jeff Bergs center.


Then I go with Jeff, some of his friends, and some friends of his friends, to a very cool little place called Prince's, right next to the club.  This is Paulina, who works there.


Next is Johnny's, by the waterfront.  I shot this from the patio area outside.


The girls at Johnny's: Amy, Maureen, and Beth.




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