Scenic Savannah.


I have most of a day set aside to take pictures of Savannah, but it rains this day, so my photographic journey is horribly stifled.  I do have a few good ones, though.



These are of the marketplace downtown.



Here's the waterfront.  This is where I take the picture of the bridge.  It's also when it begins to rain.  If you look closely at the photo on the right, you see little people with little umbrellas.  These are the only two pictures on this page from my designated photo day.


Wednesday I have to drive to Jacksonville, NC for a gig, but I get up early to try for a few more photos:


Spanish moss over the street.


Row houses.  See the palm trees on the right.



Left: A couple beautiful houses facing one of the many squares downtown.  This picture has both the Spanish moss and the palm trees.  Right: The view from these houses.


A man feeding pigeons in one of the squares.


A couple more beautiful old houses alongside a square.


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