Mary's house!


Here's the incredible historic house that Mary bought.

Just a flavor of the weirdness in Savannah, an excerpt from an email from the previous owner to Mary: 

"I need to ask a favor!!!!  It is a "belief?" with realtors and sellers that a home will sell better/quicker if you bury a St. Joseph's statue in the backyard of a home.  So shortly before you bought (the house), I buried one there.  When the home is sold, you are supposed to dig up the statue, and I forgot.  I need to dig it up, plus it completes a nativity set I have and use at Christmas.  Please let me know when a convenient time would be for me to come by and dig it up in your backyard.  :-)    I'm sorry I forgot to do it before.!!!"


The house does need a little work.


Here's Mary in her new home.  The spackling in the background she did herself.


My own pet project is the green bedroom.  Time to put my perfectionisticnessism to work.


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