Pitchers, Seneca, South Carolina, April 19, 2006


Here I am with tonight's cast.  Headliner, Jim Wiggins on the left, and MC, Jason, on the right.  Yeah, I'm standing on a step.



Left: Manager, Kim, shows off the nearly-empty humidor; on the right is Andy, the lovely bouncer who allowed me to add to his many tattoos.


I damage Jason's car.


Jason takes me downtown after the show.  This is the night spot for all the kids at Clemson University.  And some shopping must occur here, too, although, really, who the heck would ever buy this outfit?



Our first stop ... and I think last stop, too ... is this really cool bar with all the bottles as dispensers upside down above the bar.  Makes for great pics.


At another place, I meet Nathan, who is the starting right guard on Clemson's football team.  He is just above 6'4" tall and 310lbs.  Yeah, big boy.  Off to the NFL soon, we believe.  Oh, and he's a sweet guy, too.


A live band in another joint.


Jason and I having a moment.


And Jason after he took a moment ... to relieve himself.  Is that a look of relief, or what?



Finally, back to the window display, where (as shown in the close-up on the right), I notice something special about this framed diploma.  Cute.