After I wrap up my walk around the city, I finally get to my lodging for the evening: Mary's house.


Mary has her own beautiful historic Victorian house (having a few last things being remodeled, which is why the blocks are on the porch steps).  In front are Mary and her two fun little dogs, Darby (miniature pinscher) and Brutus (Chihuahua).  Mary is a jewelry designer by trade, and a very talented one, at that.  Check out her fabulous product at


Here's a closer look at Brutus.  He's the new addition.  I'd already met and fell in love with Darby.  Brutus is equally as lovely.  And keep in mind that I'm typically a lover of BIG dogs, but these little guys have plenty of charm to more than make up for the yips.


Mary heads off to a dinner meeting with family, so I attach leashes to the dogs and take them for a big long walk to, in, around, and from nearby Forsyth Park.


Towering memorial in the middle of the park.  I love it when I can get Spanish moss and palm trees in a photo!


Forsyth Park sidewalk.


Mary says this must be the most photographed fountain in the country, because every time she's in the park, she sees people taking pictures of it.  I consider myself fortunate to get a picture of it that doesn't include other people taking pictures of it.


A Georgia Historical Society building, on one of the streets facing the park.


More from this same street ... one of the four that circles the park.


Sunset in the park.


Savannah has a killer night life, so every visit must include a night on the town.  Mary's lifelong best friend, Ashley, is also staying at the house, so our trio of girls hits the town.


Closest is Mary, then her friend, Ashley, to the left, and then Ashley's suitor, Barrow, to her left.  Barrow is our chaperone for the evening.  These are all wonderful people, and so much fun to be around.


The girls!


My charming dancing partner.