visiting Savannah, Georgia, June 6, 2005


For my day off between working South Carolina and Florida, I visit my close friend, Mary, who lives in historic downtown Savannah.  Three pages of photos, so keep clicking "NEXT" when you see it at the bottoms of pages.

First thing's first: wander around the city and take lots of photos.  I'm annoyed, though, that once again the Savannah sky is so bright it whites out in all my pictures.


My beloved Spanish moss in the median on Oglethorpe.


Entrance to the Colonial Park Cemetery.


Another shot of the Oglethorpe median.


The house where Marquis de Lafayette (buddy of George Washington) stayed in 1825.


Spanish moss growing on a lamp.


One of Savannah's many beautiful churches.



Far (from Johnson Square) and near views of City Hall.



Shore-side entrances of the riverfront shops.


A walk through Emmet Park.


The Cotton Exchange, now part of the riverfront shops.