The Bottle Factory, Salisbury, Maryland, May 7, 2005


Here I am with Janet Williams again.  Wanting a good meal after a long drive, we ask the girls at the front desk for suggestions.  Janet wants seafood, as we're in Maryland, and I want someplace where we can be messy.   We are directed to the local hot spot: Old Mill Crab House.


The big crab!


Janet is ready!  And as you can tell, this is a place that encourages messes.  Yes, that's our big personal trashcan in the foreground.


And here's the spread!  Janet thoroughly enjoys her fried shrimp, and says it's the best meal she's ever had.  I forget what mine was called, but it's shrimp with crab meat and, well, I'm not sure, but it was AMAZING!!!  Fine, fine, fine dining.  (And messy.)



Now for the show.  To the right, you see Janet onstage, and to the left, we get a photo with Al, the owner.  Al told us he doesn't think women are as funny as men, but by the end of the show, he's changed his mind!  The Bottle Factory is a really cool bar, and GREAT for comedy!