The Allstars, Rolla, Missouri, September 8, 2004


The motel: "The Rustic Motel."  Yeah, check out the paneling.


But I'm not complaining.  It has a fridge and microwave.  Dinner from Wal-Mart!!!


Here's the venue.  Used to be a movie theater.


The seats aren't completely cleared out.  There's a few left on the uppermost tier of the balcony.  Wedged against a bar. 


The view from one of the balcony levels.  A neat old movie theater with a bar crammed into it.  Pool tables in the balcony.  Poker tables.  Very unusual layout.


Here's the headliner, Emmett Furrow, onstage.


Emmett, me, and Craig (the sound guy).


These are the guys with whom I shared my pizza after the show.  Yeah, so much for the Healthy Choice TV dinner and vegetables.