day one, before I set up camp ...


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My first Rocky Mountain National Park photo: a herd of elk. 


A closer look via my film camera with my telephoto lens.  Cut me some slack; it's my first time using this camera, and first time using manual focus, and first time using film in ages.


My first RMNP friend.


Another friend.


My friends make friends.


What are you looking at?


Weather is perfect today except for some drizzling.  Fine with me, as it makes great rainbows.  Look in the right, center of the phone here.


The road near the top of a mountain.  No guard rails here.  They say they lose a few cars over the edge every year.  At this point, my car is getting altitude sickness and struggling to make it up.  Ahead, you can see some snow in the tundra above the treeline.


More mountain view.


Another shot with a rainbow in it.  Look in the center.


Closer look at the rainbow via film camera with telephoto.


Very faintly, you can see a rainbow in the middle of the right side of this photo.  It's the other end of the arc from the rainbow pictured twice above.


More mountain view.


I think these are marmots.  Cliffside.  This is another on film.  Ok, so I've got to do better with the focus.  And FYI, for all photos taken on film, I these are Wal-Mart developed and placed on CD for Wal-Mart.  I cough up for the sake of my website and my four fans.  So if I would have waited until I get home and use a scanner, the quality would be a little better.  But, can't keep my four fans waiting.



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