Pint's Pub, Rochester, Minnesota, June 1, 2004


For my two down days before the Rochester gig, I crash with Fletch, a comic from Madison.  Not only does she provide me with a bed, but she also lets me borrow her friends for a Memorial Day barbeque!


My guitar, Merlot, is always the first thing I unpack.  I love this: it's a self-portrait with Merlot that I do while just messing around in my Rochester motel room.


I work with the very funny Mike Marvell again.  Here he is entertaining the folks after the show.  (He also entertained them during the show.)


Mike with Todd, the owner.


A local man makes his own bread and walks around selling it.  Some folks in the audience snag some loafs from him before the show.  This kind lady donates the remains of her loaf to me after my set.