Rapid City to Cody


Day one of my trip is the drive from Rapid City west.  I had no place planned for my stop, and I ended up snagging a motel room in Cody, Wyoming at the end of the day.  Here documents the journey:


One of my last views of South Dakota.


This is taken in a Wyoming rest area.


My first view of the Big Horn Mountains.


Another view of the Big Horn Mountains, from another Wyoming rest area.  This is not long before I have to cross over/through the mountains.


I take this when I'm not even halfway up the mountains.


Snow at the top .... and it IS snowing.


A lake at the top.  I'm entering the Big Horn National Forest


A crack in the earth.


A horizon view.


Me in the Big Horn Mountains.


A canyon.


On the other side, between the Big Horns and the Rockies, the towns are very small.


A view from the other side of the Big Horn Mountains.


I get myself a motel room in Cody, Wyoming.  Here's the aftermath of me doing laundry.  You can also see my new additional Memory Stick I bought for my camera, thinking I may want it in Yellowstone.


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