Rapid City


The hotel:

Here's a downtown shot.  The hotel is the tall building on the left.


The front of the Alex Johnson Hotel.


These are two shots from the upper balcony: one of the lobby below, and one of the balcony itself.  Very cool hotel built in the 1920s.  It even has a ghost.


My room: wooden beams on the ceiling! and a great view of the city!


Saturday feeding:


Steve and I find a sports bar to have lunch and watch the Miami game.  This is the Warehouse.  It may look like a double-wide on the outside, but it's got great atmosphere inside, with incredible food, and outstanding service.


Steve Sabo spills his Guinness AGAIN.


There are statues of presidents all over the downtown, along with statues representing the area's Native American heritage.  Here is where I found a Republican president in office during my lifetime (not that there were many presidents in office during my lifetime), and hugged him.  George is right by the hotel, actually, and we encountered him on our way back from lunch.


For dinner, we have coffee and snacks at a coffee shop/toy store.  See the toys in the background?  Here we see how good I am at taking bad pictures of people, and how bad I am at putting them on my website.


The club:



The venue this weekend is the Firehouse, with the Brew Ha Ha Comedy Club upstairs.  The walk up to it reminded me a lot of the Comedy Club in Madison (see Madison section of website for photo of stairs and an explanation of this comment).


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