Saturday night adventures:


Two pages of photos from tonight.  Just click the "next" link at the bottom, and you'll be okay.


We begin at the Holiday Inn, where I'm working with this man, Jerry Diner.


Here's Debbie, the very cool bartender.


Off-duty staff having visiting for the show.


Terry.  A bar patron.


It's early, and I'm wide awake.  Terry tells me I should cough up three bucks for a cab and go down the street to the Red Lion ... safe area, good food.  Sounds cool.  As I'm on my way out, declaring where I'm headed, a group of young folks from the show say they're headed there as well, so I bum a ride.


Here's my group.  From left: Rachel, Erica, Amber, me, Melissa.  The sixth member of our group is Brian, Amber's boyfriend, whom I make get a picture of "the girls."



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