Maroon's, Pottsville, Pennsylvania, March 25, 2005


Not even an hour and a half from my own front door (well, okay, technically, it's Mom's front door), is Pottsville, PA, a beautiful old small city wedged in the mountains.  The best way I can describe this town is to say that it's very Pennsylvania, and you'll just have to use the photos to figure out what that means.

I arrive in town, stop by Maroon's to meet one of the owners and scope out the set-up, then I check into the motel, and as quickly as I can, I grab my camera and go for a walk around town.  I love this town.  Old buildings with various and detailed architecture, always a store front on the ground floor.  Antique shops, coffee shops, thrift stores, pizza joints, bars, a tobacco store ... it's a big city in a small town.  I'll say it again: I love this town.

Three pages of photos here.  First two are from my walk.  Third is from the club.  Just click "next" at the bottom of each page, and you'll get there.