the "M"


Friday at the club, folks ask me if I've climbed the "M" yet.  I have no clue what they're talking about, and finally learn that the world's largest "M" is right here in Plattsburgh.  Where is it?  Can just anyone climb up?  Is it safe for me to go up there alone at night?  


Here I am at the top of the world's largest "M" at about one in the morning.  I don't stay long.  I've got the heebie-jeebies.


Night time view from the top.


I go back on Sunday before leaving town so I can see the thing in daylight.  Here is the explanation.


And the "M" during the day.


What the heck, I'll climb up again.  Here's a close-up.


The 268th step, marked by a past proud adventurer.



Daytime views from the top.


Me on the "M."


Just on the other side of the "M" mound, there is this -- the center of the local ghost story.  No one mentioned the haunted house to me before I climbed the "M" alone in the dark.  Maybe this explains the heebie-jeebies from my nighttime climb.


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