the condo ...


Okay.  The way the comedy business goes is that the venues usually put the comics up in the cheapest possible place, usually a dive hotel, but sometimes a dump apartment or house furnished with stuff gathered from garage sale "free" pile and Salvation Army bric-a-brac.  But things are different here.  The comics are housed in the "cottage," which consists of two adjoining efficiency apartments inside one small house.  And the place is nice!  Check it out .....


Matching linens!


Current decor!


Good goodies station!  (And in that cabinet, why, I think it's Charmin!!!)


A new TV! (In the feature's room!)


Wireless high speed internet! (Well done, Richard.)


A two way padlock between the two apartments! (No more condo molestations!)


... all to which I say aaaaaaah and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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