around and about the club ...


Friday night, I share the stage with a great improv troupe, consisting of Jordan, Chris, and Marty.


The headliner is the one-of-a-kind Just June, here as her "Mama" character.


And here as Tina Turner.


This is me with June's friend, Robert.


Me with June and Chris.  Chris also hosted all the shows for the weekend.


Chris with his beautiful girlfriend, Crystal.


The Comedy Zone is run by a wonderful family.  Here is one of them, Mike, selecting some tunes to keep us company while hanging out after the shows.


Mike's uncle, Carlos, makes an appearance.


A couple of the cool kids on staff.


Just me and Regina.


Regina laughing.


Regina laughing.


I joyride in someone's Hummer after a show Saturday night.


After several rounds of cards, I finally head back to the hotel Saturday night.  When I get there, it's been evacuated due to a "fire" (drunk woman on 3rd floor messing around).  All the normal people had to get woken up in the middle of the night.  Pshaw.  I'm back in time for the hot continental breakfast and then bed.


The other kids and I meet emergency response representative, Charlie (from New Orleans!).


And we also meet Abigail.  This is the best picture I could get with the wile puppy.  She's great!!!


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