Sunday night


This is my trip odometer reading 788 miles.  That's how far I drove today.  On about 40 minutes sleep.  And no time for a nap before the show!  Just time for half a sandwich (thanks to dear Dennis and Greg) and changing clothes.  I'm exhausted, and delirious.  My mental state should be obvious from the photos I take.


Here's Shep working the bar at the Balcony.


Jon Ueberroth and Johnny Kavanaugh.


Me with Dennis Piper.




Here's the late great Ozzie's wife, Ginny.


Ginny introduces me to Vicky, who needs a fourth woman for her golf team tomorrow.


And I meet my teammates.  From left: Vicky, me, Sandy, Colleen.



The top of John McClellan's head.  The top of Dennis Piper's head.



The top of Johnny Kavanaugh's head.  The top of Jon Ueberroth's head.


Smoochies from McClellan.


Here we have Greg Lausch grasping the thighs of Dennis and Johnny.


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