after golf


After golf, we've got time to kill before dinner, so go back to the motel and take a nap?  Nah.  Here's Al eating a killer sandwich custom made for him.  How do I know it's killer?  He shares with me!


My girls show up!


Now for the feast, at Grandfather's Barn.


Jon Ueberroth in conversation.


Johnny Kavanaugh, you're scaring me!


Sally, Darryl, beans.


Blue cheese cole slaw.  The stuff Ueberroth raves about.  And deservedly so.


Here's how the main course happens: grab a piece of meat, and grill it yourself.  Make sure no one takes yours.  For this photo, I stand on a chair and ask everyone to look up.  The only person who acknowledges me is Dennis, who covers his face. 


It's a special treat if you can get an escort upstairs to see the trains.  The entire upstairs at Grandfather's Barn is filled.  It's so neat!


After dinner and awards for the golf tournament (remember, now, my team came in last), everyone heads back out.  But if you can believe it, I've had enough.  I call Dominoes, order junk food, and have an evening sprawled in front of the TV.  Ah.


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