This is shot from Vicky's and my cart as we pass the other girls heading to the next hole.


Pile up on the hill.


I snuggle up with my driver for a nap.  Those are Blow-Pops around my head.  The girls brought me Blow-Pops and pink crayons ... which you understand if you've seen my show.  I've got the coolest golf team in the world!


Uh .... something's wrong here.


Sally falls out of the cart trying to grab a ball.


And she's now losing balls in the middle of the grass.  Here's Sally retrieving yet another from her fortunately bottomless stash.


Nice cushy grass.  Good hill.  What else would I do?




In conclusion:  I only lose one ball today.  That's with 18 holes of golf.  Also, we come in last in the tournament.



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