Now for the bar-hopping within Pleasure Island.  Fist is the Jazz Club, where we come upon Joy Wright playing the piano.  She kindly and expertly indulges my Billie Holiday and Elton John requests.


Next is the "rock and roll"-themed club (the photo is a pelican lurking in a stairwell), but it seems more like top 40 and is clearly the hangout  for 18&ups.  No thanks.


Now to 8 Tracks, with a 70s and 80s theme.  Cool!  I was born in the 80s (24 years from today, to be exact), and conceived in the 70s.  This is my place.


Next is the Adventurers' Club, which puts on an audience participation show.  Very cool, very fun.


A closer look at the collapsed ceiling above the stage.


From another room in the Adventurers' Club: some creepy, odd creature giving me a strange look.


The skeletal remains of a man swallowed by a T-Rex.


Shrunken heads above the bar.


Then on to the techno club.  Cool tunes, but unfortunately quite empty late this Sunday night.


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