Saturday and Sunday in Orlando with my very good friend, Daniel.


Many photos from 2 days.  I've got them on a few pages.  Just keep clicking "next" once you get to the bottom of the page, and you won't get lost.  Happy surfing!!



Our first stop on Saturday evening, in the strip mall across the street.  The atmosphere here is passionate basketball fans watch a very close college playoff game.


And then we duck into another place in the same strip mall.  Here's Bucky, a former Elvis impersonator ...


... showing up his fabulously gaudy Elvis shrine.


Here's a couple guys from a very posh exclusive club in the same strip mall.  I asked them if I could get a photo, because, "I find it amusing to see guys in tuxes in a strip mall."  They ask me, "are you going to be trouble?"  I say no, and finally, I get permission.  They think I'm crazy, and they're probably correct, but my website is cool, doggone it, and I'll stop at nothing to bring cool photos to my 2 fans!!!



My final photos of the evening ....  I LOVE Spanish Moss!!!



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