next, day...


The next day, it's still overcast, but no rain!  I walk down to catch some pictures of the falls during daylight and dryness -- as dry as it can be at Niagara Falls, that is.


In blue are all the saps who put on stinky, heavy rain coats and crowd onto the Maid of the Mist boats for a ride up close to the falls.  I remember doing this when I was a kid.  All I remember is not liking it.  Of course, it's a hard world for short people in big crowds.  Really, though -- look at them; doesn't "cattle chute" come to mind??


I get a close look from the top.


It eventually clears up to become a beautiful day.  See the blue?  This photo very well captures the scene at the falls.  See all the tourists?  The thing that they do is all crowd over to the railing, fighting for the good spots to get the good photos, but I wonder how many take a moment to actually LOOK at what they're photographing.


Do you think it's necessary for this sign to let us know this is a "tourist area"?


On the far right is Mama Leone's, where I ate last night.  I call this Italian Restaurant Row.


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