first, night...


I booked a very cheap room in a great location via  However, I discover at $9 parking fee when I get there.  I'm not too annoyed though, because had I gotten a cheaper room further away, I'd still have to pay to park when I drove in to see the falls.  Besides, when I get there, they give me a room with a balcony overlooking the main street!  These photos are the view from my balcony.  The center photo is what's right across from me.  As you can see, it's STILL raining.


It's quickly getting dark, and the rain has become a thunderstorm, with downpours and high winds.  I brave the walk down to the falls and get this photo, which is now of my favorite photos from any of my trips.


I take this as I'm walking back up hill, with my mind set on an Italian restaurant.  Notice NO ONE  is out on the streets.  I didn't even have to walk, really, I just jumped on a wind gust and rode up.

Next is dinner, finally.  It's my first food in 10 hours.  I eat at a cozy Italian restaurant called Mama Leone's, where I have mussels and merlot.  Mmmmmm.

Then I go to the criminal & crime wax museum, paying way too much money for very little excitement.  Would be quite fun had someone been with me, I suppose.  I ask if I can take photos, and the lady says yes, so I cough up thinking I can at least get some photos for the approximately two fans of my website.  I'm just putting a couple up, because there wasn't much to see, and if I put 3 up, I'd ruin what little joy one may find from going in person.  I hate to ruin joy.


Jeffrey Dahmer.


Me, terrified, at the Hannibal Lector display.  I never knew Anthony Hopkins had such bushy eyebrows.  But hey, they're the experts...


I browse a few deserted gift shops, pine for a cozy pub, which doesn't exist here, and then I call it a night.  Here's the view from my balcony at night.


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