In continuing our travels south today, we pass through the town of Bulls, which has a sense of humor about its name.  Here is the rubbish bin.


A cafe.


This is a great Kiwi snapshot.  On the left, you see the advert for the Kebab business.  Turkish Kebabs are a popular quick feed in New Zealand.  Also, you see "takeaways," which is Kiwi for "take-out."  D.B. Draught is a popular Kiwi beer.  And on the right, you see the British-root-based "Fish 'n' Chips."


Closer look at the Kebab storefront.


More bulls, and "car park" means "parking lot."


Real Estate agency.


Computer store.


Town Hall.


Public restroom.  Every town, by the way, has public restrooms, easily found with the blue sign.  This is wonderful for us travellers.


The Tip Top Dairy.  Very common.  Dairy's are a cross between an ice cream shop and a convenience store.


Daycare: C.A.L.F., standing for "childcare and learning facility."


Downtown pub.  Yes, the town is as deserted as it looks.



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