Giant kiwi bird outside a coffee shop out in the countryside.


We make it to Wellington, the capitol of New Zealand.  There's multiple-lane roads here, and traffic.  Haven't seen this since we left Auckland yesterday morning.


The Warehouse.  New Zealand's answer to Wal-Mart.  It's more like a Big Lots.


Burger King downtown.


At the top of the photo is the underside of the overhang of where we have lunch.  This is a great view of the covered sidewalks.  All cities and towns, big or small, have covered sidewalks, just like this, with the business signs on the very front of the roof.


More in the residential area now, looking over the bay.  You can see some of downtown on the right.


Now to get onto the ferry.  There is only one way to get from the North Island to the South Island, and this is via ferry.  There is only one ferry line running, and it only has 2 boats.  Here we are in the que (line) to get on.  The green near the center is part of the ferry.



Left: driving onto the ferry.  Right: James reading a winemaking book in one of the ferry's lounges.  These ferries have many rooms and lounges, including TV rooms, playrooms for kids, and a room where they screen films (must pay for a ticket, this week, it's The Terminal, starring Tom Hanks).  The trip is about 3 hours.



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