Nearing downtown Nelson.


People heading into Trafalgar Park, just like us.


The outside wall or the rugby park.  What we are about to see is called a promotion relegation match.  Here, the worst first division team, which is a professional team, in this case, Northland, plays the best second division team, a semi-pro team, which is the Nelson Bays.  If the Nelson Bay team wins, they get Northlands position in the first division, including their pro status, their funding, and, I believe, their sponsorships.  We're rooting for Nelson Bay.


Inside.  The Nelson Bay team is warming up on the field.


James and go to the beer tent and seize one of only three tables.


The stands on this side of the field.  By the time the game starts, all those empty seats fill up.


Empty here, too, but not for long.


I need a little more spirit, so I ask a little girl to paint my face.


Now it's filling up.  There's the griffin, one of Nelson Bay's mascots.


Their other mascot, the ugly guy.


Now I feel like a proper rugby fan.



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