The play has all been at the other end of the field, so far, so my first good shot is of the guys staying warm in an out-of-bounds area.


Here comes the madness.




Another pile-up.  Rugby is GREAT!!!


Northland's biggest fan, of some fame, or, infamy.  Here, he's jumping up and down in this squat position yelling, "GO BLUE!"  Both teams happen to be blue.



Somewhere he finds an air horn, and he thinks the best idea is to hold down the button constantly, until the thing runs out.  In the first photo, note the girl at the bottom holding her ears.  In the second, note the upturned beer can.  He's had way beyond too many of those.


Mid-game, a fan decides to dash across the field.


Ball goes out.


And back in. 


Northland wins and keeps it's position.  Fans rush the field after the game.  Common practice.


Me back outside Trafalgar Park.



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