Now we head across the street to a bar called Bourbon Street, supposed to be like New Orleans.   We're here to meet up with some of James' Navy buddies.  The photo above is the bass player of the live band showing off his very cool stand-up bass.



Here we have Crag, a nice man who's table we take over (and I have a piece of his pizza), and some of the kids on the right.  Grant and Amber have left.


Sleepy James.


James sick of my camera.  I can't tell you how many photos of people's hands I have.



Here's Shaun smoking his cigarette (hand-rolled, because normal cigarettes are incredibly expensive in NZ), and Shaun getting some love.


Government warning (duh!), in English and in Maori.


More Navy buddies.  The guy with his face covered is a top secret dude who can't have his photo taken.  Shaun's a Navy guy, too, by the way.



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