James takes me downtown, now, to the America's Cup Village and the nearby docks filled with yachts:



Let's have a closer look at the name on that last boat.


And check this out ....


Here's a closer look.  This is called a Ute.  It's a V8 El Camino-esque ride, not made in the States, extremely popular in NZ and quite pricey!  When I first saw one, I told James it looks like something the kids back home would drive, especially since many are in bright colors, but James explained to me that no "kid" can afford these.


This is a bar called "minus 5."  You're only allowed in for a short amount of time, you must put on a coat and boots, and you sit in a room made in ice, decorated with ice sculptures, and you drink high-priced drinks served in ice.  I opt to photograph rather than experience.


Here's a look inside the front room where they keep the coats and boots, which they lend out to all patrons.


Indian food for dinner.


Evening views from the hotel.  And we have a quiet evening in, watching an American movie on TV.



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