Now further down the North Island countryside, I spot a waterfall on the side of the road.  Turns out it's a sacred Maori waterfall, with a little shrine by it.


The waterfall.  It has steps leading down into it so the Maoris can collect water.


Two rainbows in this photo.


Looking up at the waterfall.


Another nearby, not-sacred waterfall.  I come to learn that waterfalls are very common in New Zealand.


The North Island countryside.


Cows walking to the barn to be milked.


Almost to today's destination.  To the left, is an obvious volcanic mountain.  To the right is Mt. Ruapahu, also a volcano (New Zealand is along a fault line, without the volcanoes, it wouldn't be here).  Mt. Ruapahu is more famously known as Mt. Doom in the Lord of the Rings trilogy of films.  The white specks in the foreground are sheep.  It's very difficult to take a photo in New Zealand without sheep in it.


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