Our final destination for the day is Ohakune, a ski town based around the ski fields of Mt. Ruapahu.  This Bank of New Zealand is where I exchanged my green currency for multi-colored Kiwi currency.  "Kiwi" is short for "New Zealand" or "of New Zealand" or "New Zealander."  The kiwi bird is New Zealand's national bird.


The Royal New Zealand Navy Alpine and Ski Club, of which James is a member.  So we've got a cheap place to crash for the night.


The sign pictured above is from one of the club's ski lodges.  This is the other ski lodge -- the one we stay in tonight.


A bench James made.  Old skis, and he built the metal frame from scratch.  Very nice.


The bunks in one of the rooms.  Bring your own sheets.


The living room.  It has two wood-burning stoves.


And plenty of firewood outside.


My first New Zealand beer.  Also pictured are Kiwi potato crisps.  Remember, now, "chips" are like our French fries.


A very lousy sketch of cabbage trees I do while sitting outside in the beautiful day.


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