We pass an ostrich farm.


And arrive at another statue of MacKenzie's dog.  This time MacKenzie himself gets to be present as well.


More birds.  In the center is a peacock.


Cool old building.


Passing yet another town, with quite a variety of activities to be done at their "domain."  How about those toilets?


Nice.  Nice.  Nice.  But hey, it's clean, the water runs.  I'm happy.


And how about that pool?


Deer farm, for domestic venison.  In New Zealand, they take helicopters out to the wild, and crazy guys jump out and onto deer; then they take their captured deer back to farms and breed them.


Another small town photo.  Here are volunteer firemen running to the firehouse because the siren has just gone off.  Just like small towns in America.  The cool yellow building is a Masonic temple.


Big fish.  There's people in the photo on the right, so you can see how big the fish is.



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