day 9 ...


Just 1 page of photos for day 9. 


For breakfast, I finally try a pie.  This particular pie is a steak and cheese pie, meaning it contains tender chunks of roast beef, cheese, and the traditional thick pie gravy.  Sooooooo good.


Sheep statues outside a town's public restrooms.


Driving along the east coast now, driving through tunnels through the coastline's volcanic rock.


More tunnels.


The rocky coastline.


James takes me to a town he lived in as a kid.  Says he lived next to a courthouse.  And here's the courthouse he lived next to.


The fishing shipyard.


It's not very noticeable in this photo, but these gulls have a pretty red circles around their eyes.


Big lobster.  In the bottom left, you see the "T.A.B," which translates into American as "O.T.B.," or off-track betting (but also including rugby matches and such), like what we did in the pub in Christchurch.


Seals flopping around on the rocks.


James says, "if you want another photo of the ocean, this is your last chance."  So I get one.  And now we head back inland.


Back to his dad and stepmum's place in Blenheim.  This is taken downtown, where we go to pick up fish and chips for the family.


Fish and chips, well picked-through.  Quite good.  But also quite counteractive to the whole idea of Kiwis eating healthier than Americans.


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