day 7 ...


Just 1 page of photos for day 7. 


Today, still in Queenstown, begins with lunch at Subway, eaten on the steps alongside the marina downtown.


I find a shepherd statue.


Now heading up the mountain in a gondola, so I can jump off something.  There's goats alongside the hill, which I photograph as we go up.



James examines the height we're not at, feels uncomfortable, and tries to claw his way out.


Near the top, here's the view.


Looking up, still, at "The Ledge," which I'm going to be jumping off of.


At the top at last.  Here's another view.


The speck attached to the cord is me.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


Have a closer look.  Bungy jumping is SO COOL!  Yes, it's my first time.


Proud American.


Proud Kiwi.


Now back for some excellent Kiwi pizza.


A view of the sitting area.  Rugby on TV, of course.  You can see behind the television is a pet bed.  That's for Oscar.


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