day 5 ...


4 pages of photos for day 5.  Follow the links at the bottoms of the pages.


As we check out of the hotel, I get a morning photo of the ocean, directly behind us.


Leaving Hokitika.



These photos are from a wayside with a public restroom where we stop.


Heading into the mountains.  All of these mountains on the south island are the Southern Alps.


I look to my right as we drive, and see something in the distance that looks like a glacier.  I decide it can't be, though, because I've never seen one, so how would I know that's what this is, and also what are the odds of just looking over and seeing a glacier.


But it is a glacier!  James and I hike up to a lookout point so I can get some good photos.





The trees alongside the ocean on the west coast all have a permanent wind-blown look.



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