day 4 ...


3 pages of photos for day 4.  Follow the links at the bottoms of the pages.


Today, we drive south along the west coast of the south island.  Pictured here is a pub standing on its own along the road.  These are all over the place ... somewhere to stop and eat, or stop and drink, or stop and sleep, or whichever combination of these things you so choose.



We pull off so James and take a whiz.  I photograph the scenery ...


... and James using the fine public restroom.


Another pub.


We stop at a cafe for sandwiches and hot cocoa.  Mmmmmm.  The pink marshmallow on the left is raspberry flavored.  Mmmmmm.


Heading back into the rainforest.



Rainy day in the rainforest.


This town's home rugby field.  When the game is off, they've found a use for it.


Blackball.  Tee hee.


Nice driveway.


Layers of volcanic rock alongside the road.


The Monteith's brewery.  Another good Kiwi beer.


We've reached Hokitika and begun searching for a pub to spend the night in.  This is just outside the place we first shop at.



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