day 15 ...


Just 1 page of photos for day 13. 


Back to Mt. Ruapahu today, except this time, I ski.  Here you can barely see the ski trail coming down the mountain.  They use bulldozers to move what little snow is left.  If you veer from the trail, which is quite narrow at points, you'll tumble down a rocky cliff.


Have another look.  From the top of the one open trail, you can see what seems to be straight down to the bottom of the mountain.  I haven't skied since I was eleven.  I'm terrified!  Somehow I still survive.  Good thing, too ... I have no health insurance abroad.


Looking down from near the bottom point of the trail.


After we're done playing on the mountain, James and I check out the military museum.  


The building entrance.  Inside is a very cool and extensive museum.


We find something of the Navy for him to proudly stand at.  The ironic part is he's wearing a U.S. military T-shirt.


Historic Maori weapons.


Cool machine gun!  No, I can't tell you exactly what it is.  I have no expertise in this area.


Issuing uniforms.  This display has an excellent audio recording of the officer giving the new boys a hard time.


A man in camouflage.




Antique All Blacks rugby stuff.  All Blacks is the New Zealand national team.


Back outside to look at the big guns.


James suggesting I hop on the tank for a photo.




And back to Ohakune, the deserted town.


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