day 13 ...


Just 1 page of photos for day 13. 


James and I head up Mt. Ruapahu for some springtime skiing.


Well, I opt for a snowboarding lesson.  My first time.  I'm not so great.  Notice I'm holding the snowboard.  The guy to the left with the red shirt is my instructor.  Poor sap.  I signed up for a group lesson, but since it's off season and no one's here, I end of with a private lesson.  I know he gets sick of me.  And I'm sick of the bloody rope tow lift thing.  Holding on to that thing to get to the top of the hill is ten times harder than snowboarding.  James spends his time skiing and laughing at me.  Although, I do catch him in a brilliant spill.


After we wear ourselves out (I swear off the rope for the day), we head straight to town for a post-ski beer.  We also discover that our timing is perfect to bet on the Wellington Cup, the biggest horse race this part of the world.  Pictured above is one of the places where we get a beer, and it's the place where we bet on the race (notice the "T.A.B." sign).  James comes out slightly ahead.  I'm embarrassingly unable to pick a single decent horse.


Now back to the lodge for showers and healing.


James goes for beer, I settle on hot cocoa.


By now, I'm looking (and feeling) quite rough.  I'm such a wimp.


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