Gotham Comedy Club, New York, New York, June 10, 2004


She's So Funny is one of several joke books edited by Judy Brown.  This is the first showcasing just women, featuring the best jokes from female comedians past and present.  It includes 6 gems from yours truly. 

Comedians, Joh Briley and Jane Condon, also appearing in the book, organized a show at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City, featuring 13 of the book's contributors.  Proceeds from the show go to the Committee for Hispanic Children and Families. 

This is big excitement for me, as I've never even laid a toe in the Big Apple, and have always wanted to go!  I knew something, somehow, someday would come up to get my rump into the city.


My first-ever look at the New York City skyline.  I'm so excited!  The sight of Manhattan in the distance actually brings tears to my eyes.


Here are the girls ... except Mimi Gonzalaz, who can't stay for the whole show.  Pictured ... top row, from left: uBu Zurub, Lori Giarnella, Cyndi Stiles, Joh Briley, Kathie Dice, Eileen Kelly, Janet Rosen, Lee Arleth; bottom row, from left: Jane Condon, Christina Irene, Michelle Balan, Kelli Dunham


My personal Gotham photo.  I suppose my head is a "G."


Here's Gordo, the bartender.  When I ask if I can take his photo for my website, he's quite nervous: "what kind of website?"  I wonder what he wonders.


Street scene, view of the Chrysler Building.  I sit my camera down in the middle of the road to get this photo.


Lee's car gets towed during the show, so afterwards, Janet and I trek with her to rescue it.


Me in the back of a New York cab!


Car jail.


Lee in line to get her car back.  I get in trouble for taking this photo.


I make time to get more of a taste of the city.  Actually, it's Ukranian food.  Here's what Janet and I begin with.  SO good!


I stop and smell the roses.


And I must leave this city which I've fallen in love with.  When I get home, my parents are sitting in the kitchen having their breakfast.  Oh, yeah, I drive to New York and back from Harrisburg.  It's a mixture of courage and stupidity.



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