Cozzy's, Newport News, Virginia, January 30 thru January 31, 2004


Cozzy's is definitely one of my favorite places to work.  It's a great weekend room, sold-out crowds every show, with great people on staff, and incredible audiences.  And the bonus: I've got family in Newport News, and love any opportunity I get to see my aunt and uncle.


Here's my uncle, Jay, making me an omelet.  What hospitality.


And during the day, Saturday, I go bowling with my aunt and uncle and their friends.  From left: Judy, Thad, Uncle Jay, Aunt Mary Ann.



A couple shots from inside Cozzy's Comedy Club.  On the left is their tiki room, and on the right is their bar, in the back of the showroom.


These are the guys I play pool with before the show.



One the left is Corey, the MC, doing his favorite 2 things.  Right: Jerry Halliday, the headliner, with one of his puppets.



Left: Brad, my favorite waiter.  Right: Karen, the jello shooter lady.


Lorain, the owner, fixing herself a drink after the show.