Now to the waterfront, where the Mississippi River nears the Gulf.  Note the riverboat.


Buildings along the waterfront.


Paul already told me about the standard con: a man approaches you, points to your shoes and says something like, "I can tell you exactly what city in what state and what time of day you got those shoes."  And he's never wrong, because all he has to say is, "you got those shoes on your feet here in New Orleans, Louisiana, this afternoon."  This particular man approaches us and tells Paul he can tell him how many kids Paul's father had, including brothers and sisters.  If the man is right, Paul must buy a shoeshine.  I tell Paul he might as well get it, so he knows how to answer the riddle the next time he hears this con.  Paul sees my point, and indulges the man.  Of course, I beat the guy to it, figuring the answer to the riddle to be, "none, because his mother had all the babies," but Paul gets his shoes shined anyway.


Another waterfront sight.


The riverboat, photographed above at dock, now on its way.


The church in the center of Jackson Square.


Heading down to the famous Cafe Du Monde for their famous beignets. 


Paul looking silly at the Cafe Du Monde.


Me inhaling the delicious beignets once they've cooled down.


One of the French Quarter's many bars.  And finally blue in the sky!


Paul says everyone must get a photo of themselves under a Bourbon Street sign.  Here it is.


Business offerings of Bourbon Street.


A cool old house-looking building thing.


And a final photo outside the Maison Dupuy, where, sadly, we must fetch Paul's car, and depart New Orleans.



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